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More and more homes have extended their gardens into the house to include water features as part of the decorating. There is also a trend of making water features expressly for indoor use to bring in the tranquility of calming water that has for centuries been used outdoors.

Fountains have also become more popular in decorating malls and office complexes, and offer a sense of peacefulness in an otherwise hectic environment.

A water feature is an attractive addition to any garden or living space and they have a variety of applications and functions, each being unique in it’s application and design. Such examples include Corporate branding features, Interactive Water displays, Reflective Ponds and Fountains.

Key elements that are given consideration in any design need to include:

  • Scale, Proportion & Style
  • Level of Filtration required – is the feature purely decorative or will fish be kept.
  • What type of fish will be kept – Koi have substantially more requirements than the average goldfish.
  • Waterproofing medium – what will suit this application best.
  • Volume and flow of water – is it to be a still pond or create sound to mask background noise.
  • The use of lighting for maximum impact.
  • Final finishes such as tiles, pebbles and plants
  • .

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